Strange But True Online Poker Tales

Hardest Bet Ever: Heres a suit in point for self-control at the online texas holdem tables if ever i actually heard one. In Dec . 05, one Carl Valentines agreed to what, around the surface, appeared the actual modest enough challenge, released by a multi-millionaire excellent of his. The crisis was this: that using April 18, 06 he, Valentine, send 2 trillion unique visitors to per website they perversely acknowledged as

If successful, Valentines will qualify that can play in one particular heads up web-based poker tournament onto said millionaire using 1 million rupees at stake. Whether or not Valentine wins typically the tourney, he numbers a million smackers. If he loses, he loses completely. So far, so good. Although if Valentine falters to generate only million unique gets on his site, he will continues to face off in opposition to his childhood buddy in a brains up online cards match, but this is what time hell seem playing for the size of his right index little finger. If he wins, he makes to keep the whole his digits. However, if he loses, the item’s off with it’s finger and Valentine’s vies for the main title of Globes Dumbest Amputee.

Online poker room in your home Poker Heaven gives supposedly agreed you can host the ridiculous match (whatever most of the stakes). And the most important Babys Name will be Chip: They encountered at an texas hold’em table. The quest was Omaha, $30 stakes, the internet page Party Poker. My husband suffered a dreadful beat and experienced an argument by using a fellow player regarding this using the Chat rooms feature. She managed him. They came to be buddies from generally there are literally: using the type of Buddy List feature, Jackie Johnson combined with Gary Suffir began, from that moment on, a torrid long distance relationship that culminated here in Jackie leaving Las vegas, nevada and heading to successfully New York in order to in with Gary the gadget guy. Now theyre getting hitched.

The first referred wedding of a lot who met regarding playing online holdem poker will take commit March 2006. In order to the ceremony, family and family of the bride to be and groom definitely will participate in a virtual poker tournament. Holdem poker (and more specifically, online poker) are going to the theme for this wedding, with any kind of poker-themed wedding torte and floral tvs. Agen Poker Online will then satisfaction from their honeymoon within Party Poker Thousand thousand V Cruise towards the Caribbean.

But What Must Win?: Theyll permit sell anything on your eBay these a number of days. An online poker aficionado and (most surprisingly perhaps) craigslist and Power Seller who seem to goes by some sort of nickname The_Sellution and even touts a good feedback rating of all 99.97% (of 1,533 transactions) has put up what could be looked into the most inane auction listing eBays ever seen (though there are undoubtedly numerous contenders for the title).

Connor Gleason (as hes known to assist you his family and moreover friends) lost of $5,000 playing Pontoon at online poker network and casino Group Poker. Now he is asking eBay customers to help man out of the outlet he dug on their own into. His setting up bid was $999.99. When the bidding process period ended, the following closed with very little bidders.

But theres much to this story, and this auction, than meets the attention. In a sneaky bit together with wordplay, Gleason could be careful not to mention the online poker network where he forgotten his bankroll really only that, its not a Party (from and this also we deduce, preferably correctly, that it has Party Poker). Via the same token, he or offers his public as a Golden retriever advertising opportunity to your quality online cyber casino.

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